Social and Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy

Coexisting with nature / Reducing our environmental impact and sustainably protecting a prosperous future

In accordance with its philosophy of tomoiki (harmonious coexistence), Amano Enzyme is dedicated to business activities that promote the sustainable growth and development of society.
As a leading force in the enzyme industry, we strive for global environmental protection by assessing the impact of our development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and services as precisely as possible.

  1. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and accords with local communities.

  2. We strive to help preserve the global environment through new technologies and increased efficiency.

    • We reduce greenhouse gas emissions across whole life cycles

    • We reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy use

    • We reduce consumption of non-renewable resources through waste reduction and recycling

    • We maximize productivity through effective use of natural resources

  3. We promote systematic and continuous environmental conservation activities by informing all employees about our environmental policy and operating an environmental management system.

  4. We build enduring partnerships with customers, suppliers, and local communities to promote more effective environmental conservation activities.

  5. We strive to keep information up to date and prevent environmental risks.

April 1, 2023
Motoyuki Amano, Amano Enzyme Inc.

Environment Report

In January 2000, we set up an environmental management system with ISO 14001 certification. Through continual improvement, we are determined to minimize our environmental impact and become a company that is friendly to the global environment.
We prepare environmental reports that document our environmental protection initiatives.

Environment Report 2023

Issued: March 2024
Activity period: April 2022 to March 2023

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