Japanese Enzyme Manufacturer

In Asia, hot and humid environments conducive to microorganisms are widely distributed. In these regions, fermented foods and beverages with distinctive regional characteristics have been produced since ancient times, and these have been passed on as culture to nurture the richness of people's lives.
Japan, where Amano Enzyme is headquartered, boasts a diverse range of environments. From the long and varied climate zones stretching north to south, significant elevations between the 10,000m Ogasawara Trench and 3,000m-class mountains like Mount Fuji, to the world-renowned vast economic waters, and the diverse seasons — Japan hosts a plethora of microorganisms adapted to various environments. Consequently, Japan can be considered one of the world's leading 'microbial resource-rich countries.

Japan has a rich traditional food culture spanning 600 years, characterized by fermentation using koji mold in iconic products like sake, miso, and soy sauce. Additionally, unique fermented foods, utilizing regional characteristics, have emerged across the nation and continue to be passed down as part of our traditional culture.
Since 1948, our company has been dedicated to enzyme production, refining traditional biotechnology techniques such as screening and breeding microorganisms from the natural world. Starting from the fermentation-rich culture here in Japan, we explore the functions of enzymes from diverse microorganisms. By combining these discoveries with cutting-edge biotechnology, we aim to deliver new value worldwide.


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