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We are constantly attentive to the needs of society, and we are tireless in our efforts to create new values through our engagement and commitment to enzymes. Through our products and services, we aim to contribute to society and make a positive impact upon the improvement, enhancement and quality of human life.


Since it’s inception in 1899, Amano Enzyme has integrated the Japanese culture and key values of living in harmony with nature and respecting the sustainable use of resources.

Japan is a country of Monozukuri (Japanese culture of manufacturing or craftsmanship) where highly skilled master craftsmen create products with pride and dedication to continuous improvement. We proudly carry on that tradition and strive to provide unique and high quality products and services worldwide, thus making a positive impact on the human condition and overall quality of life.


Our Leadership

We continue to hold on to the “Amano Spirit” (“Frontier Spirit”, “Spirit of Giving”, and “Passion, Love, and Sincerity”), which has provided our guiding principles since the company’s founding. We are constantly attentive to the needs of society, and we are tireless in our efforts to create new values through our engagement and commitment to “enzymes”.

Motoyuki Amano


Food processing enzymes:

  • FSSC22000 certification
  • JAFA (Japan Food Additives Association) GMP certification
  • Kosher certification
  • Halal certification
  • Overseas regulation: in compliance with regulatory requirements in USA (GRAS*), Europe (EU (FIAP), France, Denmark), Asia and Pacific (China, Korea, Thailand, and Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ))
    *Most of our enzyme preparations are self-determined GRAS.

Medical enzymes:
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient GMP

Diagnostics enzyme:
ISO13485 certification



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Whether you’re looking for a savory new flavor, trying to solve a tricky formulation issue, or developing a new concept for your product. . .

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At Amano Enzyme, we first and foremost listen to the needs of our customers. Then bring our high expertise and craftmanship with unparalleled service to each and every project, large or small.

We supply high-quality, microbial enzymes for the Food, Dietary Supplement, Industrial, Diagnostic, and BioMed industries. We feature multi-ton manufacturing capabilities and unmatched technical expertise to provide exceptional service along with our guaranteed quality products.

Let us put the Amano work ethic, technical expertise and giving “spirit” to work for you!