Providing Optimal Solutions

Through the provision of enzymes closely connected to people's lives, we aim to enrich the world by working with customers to consider the means for solving various challenges and creating new value. This is possible through our ideas and technological capabilities based on the "three synergies" cultivated throughout our long history since our founding.

Medical and Food Fields

Our company provides enzymes in both the medical and food fields. The medical field, which directly affects people's health, requires a high level of quality control. On the other hand, in food processing, enzymes are used for various purposes, such as improving taste, physical properties, and manufacturing efficiency. We leverage our experience and knowledge in both fields to offer high-quality and creative enzyme-based solutions for problem-solving.

Koji and Liquid Cultures

We employ two cultivation methods: traditional cultivation using koji and liquid cultivation. The stable production of koji cultivation requires high-level techniques such as meticulous bacteria management, but some enzymes can only be produced through koji cultivation. Liquid cultivation is suitable for mass production and allows us to respond stably and quickly to enzyme demand. By leveraging both technologies, we can offer a diverse range of products that meet our customers' objectives.

Advanced and Traditional Technology

Advancements in cutting-edge biotechnology, from genome analysis to the application of AI technology, are remarkable. On the other hand, the natural world harbors abundant microbial resources that we have yet to discover. As a Japanese enzyme manufacturer, we have access to a treasure trove of microbial resources, and we continue to refine traditional techniques like screening and breeding, tapping into the wealth of microbial resources in nature. By combining state-of-the-art biotechnology with traditional methods we create value distinctive to Amano Enzyme in Japan.


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