Enzyme Application Studio

A Space for Creating New Value

Nestled within our Innovation Center – our primary hub for research and development – lies the Enzyme Application Studio.
We have stocked an array of enzymes for our customers to personally evaluate and witness their benefits.
Our dedicated team is ready to guide you and address any enzyme-related queries.

Moreover, we're ramping up our engagement efforts from the Enzyme Application Studio.
We invite you to tap into our diverse range of enzyme products and innovations to enhance your own product development.
International guests are warmly received.

Collaborative Space

Find inspiration amidst the lush natural surroundings of Kakamigahara City in Gifu Prefecture, a central beacon in Japan. Escape the daily routine and collaborate with our experts to cultivate fresh value.

Application Laboratory

Our laboratory boasts testing stations and kitchen amenities, enabling a tangible exploration of our enzymes. Are you interested in exploring the myriad effects of different enzymes with us?

Enzyme Application Studio - Innovation Center

Address: 1-6 Techno Plaza, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture, 509-0109
Open: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
TEL:+81-(0)58-379-1220 FAX:+81-(0)58-379-1232


Our dedicated professional team is here to answer your questions and provide support. We also offer samples of enzyme products. Feel free to contact us.