Support for Top Athletes

Amano Enzyme is committed to supporting sports development and promoting sports within the company.
Champion fencer Haruna Baba is an employee of Amano Enzyme. The whole of the company supports her sporting endeavors and wishes her continued success.

Haruna Baba
Profile of Haruna Baba
Name Haruna Baba
Sport Fencing Epee
Birthplace Gifu Prefecture
Affiliation General Affairs Division

Notable Results

2019 World Championships 2019 Individual and team epee, participated
2019 World Cup Satellite Costa Rica, champion
2021 All Japan Fencing Championships, 5th place, individual
2022 Asian Championships 2022 Team epee, 3rd place
2023 Asian Championships 2023 Team epee, 4th place
World Championships 2023 Individual and team epee, participated
19th Again Games Team epee, 4th place
World Cup Satellite Croatia 3rd place


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