About Amano Enzyme

Amano Enzyme manufactures and sells enzymes for customers all over the world.
Enzymes are a type of protein that are present in all living things. They support the essential processes of life by functioning as catalysts to facilitate chemical reactions. Enzymes are used in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and food processing. As we strive to shape a more recycling-oriented society, enzymes are attracting a lot of interest for their ability to promote a wide variety of chemical reactions without the need for extremely high temperatures and pressures.

Founded in 1899, as a Distributor of Medicines

Founded in 1899, as a Distributor of Medicines

To keep on making a positive impact through the years, we have always adapted our business and ventured into new fields according to the trends of the times.
The story of Amano Enzyme began in 1899, when founder Ennosuke Amano started a business selling household medicines, out of a desire to help people to protect and preserve their health.
In 1948, second-generation leader Genichi Amano established “Amano Seiyaku.” This is when the company started to manufacture enzymes. Following decades of rapid economic growth in Japan and the rise of global markets and competition, in 1996 we decided to specialize in the enzyme business. This allowed us to focus and compete more strongly in the international market. To reflect this shift, in 2000 we changed the company name to Amano Enzyme. Backed by over 120 years of business history, we are now a truly global company, with over 70% of our sales coming from overseas.

Amano Enzyme's Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Amano Enzyme in five countries across the world. In addition to its head office in Japan, it has bases in the US, the UK, China, and Thailand.
We have production plants in Japan, China, and the US. All of our bases are equipped with R&D capabilities, as well as comprehensive support systems that enable us to tailor enzyme functions to the specific needs of different regions or customers.

Enzymes With Unlimited Possibilities

We manufacture enzymes primarily by culturing microorganisms.
Over the years, useful enzymes have been discovered from many different microorganisms. However, microorganisms live in all kinds of environments, from deep in the ocean to tropical jungles, and even in the stratosphere. It is estimated that humans have so far discovered only 0.01% of all the microorganisms on our planet. It is clear that the potential benefits of microorganisms and enzymes are practically unlimited.
At Amano Enzyme, we are committed to exploring and harnessing this vast potential of enzymes by continuing to evolve and grow with the times, without ever losing sight of the aspirations and technologies we have inherited from our predecessors.


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