Collagen peptide

Achieve specific degrees of degradation of collagen peptides.


Collagen is a protein found in high amounts in the human body’s connective tissues, accounting for around 30% of total protein content. However, the body has difficulty digesting and absorbing whole collagen, so it needs to be broken down into smaller particles. The amount of hydrolysis that collagen undergoes using enzymes depends on its intended use, ranging from dietary supplements and cosmetics to food products and gelcaps.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Amano’s specialty enzymes can control the degree of degradation of collagen peptides.

Amano offers enzymes that can match our customers’ desired level of collagen peptide degradation. Our proteases can produce peptides ranging from 4 kDa to less than 2 kDa from different types of collagen, including bovine, porcine, and fish. Contact our technical team for enzyme recommendations based on your source material and target peptide size.

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