Infant formula

We have one of the world's leading protease product portforio. We propose enzymes suitable for the taste, degree of degradation, and physical properties requested by customers.

Custom protein fortification for infant formula

Protein fortification and nutrition is an important aspect of infant formula product development. Amano’s specialty protease enzymes hydrolyze a wide variety of plant, animal and dairy proteins, transforming them into smaller peptides or amino acids, improving their functionality, digestibility, and nutritional value.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

• Match specific molecular weight distribution profiles
• Reduce bitterness
• Improve digestibility
• Eliminate/decrease allergenicity

Non-GMO microbial origin, Kosher/Halal compatible

Our proteases are derived from non-GMO microorganisms and compatible with Kosher and Halal.

Application Resources

We provide a diverse collection of application materials that highlight the use of enzymes across different fields and our product offerings. Please don't hesitate to request these materials.


Our dedicated professional team is here to answer your questions and provide support. We also offer samples of enzyme products. Feel free to contact us.