Plant protein hydrolysate

Amano specialty enzymes can make protein hydrolysates with more robust umami flavor using less salt.


Plant protein hydrolysate or hydrolyzed vegetable proteins are plant-derived amino acids and peptides used to enhance the flavor of many processed foods like soups, sauces, meat products, and snacks. This type of seasoning is produced from protein-rich plant materials such as wheat and soybeans.

Enzymatic hydrolysis is specific and produces many peptides, producing more complex flavors.

There are two methods to make plant protein hydrolysates: acid or enzymatic hydrolysis. Acid hydrolysis is non-specific and produces more amino acids, while enzymatic hydrolysis is specific and produces more complex flavors. Enzymatic hydrolysis can create a variety of flavors based on the enzymes used.  This specificity can help achieve desired taste profiles. When wheat gluten is used, the enzyme glutaminase can convert glutamine to glutamic acid, resulting in a product with more umami.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Stronger umami flavor.

Protease AN “AMANO” 100SD and Glutaminase SD-C100S produce plant protein hydrolysates with high glutamic acid content. Protease AN “AMANO” 100SD, with its high hydrolysis power, produces more glutamine from wheat gluten and soy protein. At the same time, Glutaminase SD-C100S efficiently converts glutamine to glutamic acid to produce plant protein hydrolysates with a stronger umami taste.

Reduced salt.

When producing plant protein hydrolysates through enzymatic degradation, there is a risk of bacterial contamination as a neutral pH condition is required over the long processing time.  High amounts of salt are typically added to prevent microbial growth, but this results in a high salt product. Protease HF “AMANO” 150SD, performs well under acidic conditions, reducing the need for added salt to inhibit bacterial contamination.

Catalog of Solutions

Increase amino acid Enhance umami tate Reduced salt
Protease AN''Amano''100SD
Protease HF''Amano''150SD
Peptidase R

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