Our enzymes improve the extraction efficiency of coffee extract and maintain quality by preventing precipitation during coffee extract storage.

Get more coffee from your beans.

CoffeeMax™ reduces the viscosity of coffee, increasing filtration speed and extraction yield. Maximize production for both hot and cold brew coffees without compromising on quality.


Coffee extract is processed by roasting, grinding, and extracting green coffee beans. However, coffee mannan can slow filtration during the extraction process, and bottled coffee can precipitate during storage, causing further problems. Amano’s specialty enzymes can improve yield, increase filtration speed and reduce precipitation in your coffee production.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Improve extraction volume and increase filtration speed.

Mannanase “Amano” BGM10 dramatically increases extraction speed by breaking down coffee mannan. This shortens filtration time and increases extraction yield, providing a cost advantage in coffee production. Yield improvement can be seen in as little as two hours, depending on the concentration of CoffeeMax in the bean mixture.

Less precipitation, clearer coffee.

Coffee extracts may precipitate over time, reducing quality. Mannanase “Amano” BGM10 decreases sedimentation, ensuring high-quality coffee extracts for longer periods.

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