Our enzymes can improve the extraction rate of tea extract, maintain quality by preventing creaming down, and differentiate tea extract by enhancing flavor

For tea-based beverages, Amano’s patented enzymes improve the filterability of tea, intensifying its aroma and improving the flavor.

The aroma, taste, and color of tea vary depending on the degree of fermentation, such as green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Enzymes can enhance the flavor and improve the yield of these tea extracts.


Tea can become cloudy as it cools. Amano’s patented enzymes prevent this from happening, darkening the color of tea leaf extract while softening its natural bitterness. By breaking down tea tannins, they improve the filterability of tea, intensifying its aroma and improving the flavor – producing an overall delicious taste.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Increased aroma and improved flavor in tea

Tea leaves contain compounds such as geraniol and linalool in the form of glycosides.  These molecules are released during fermentation and give tea it’s characteristic aroma.  Aromase H2 promotes the release of these aroma compounds by acting on the glycosides in tea leaves.

Amano enzymes can help to prevent the tea from becoming cloudy, even when the temperature drops. By reducing precipitation and enhancing the color of the tea leaf extract, these enzymes can ensure that the tea remains clear and maintains its quality.

Catalog of Solutions

Yield of extract Flavour Umami Keep clarity
Prortease M''Amano'' SD
Pectinase PL''Amano
Aromase H2

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