Our specialty enzymes contribute to quality improvement, such as maintaining softness and increasing the volume of baked goods.

Amano natural enzymes for soft, sweet bread and frozen dough stability.

Amano offers solutions to improve bread quality, increase shelf life and provide dough conditioning without added ingredients on your product label. 


Enzymes help prevent aging and maintain the texture of bread. Enzymes make bread soft by breaking down wheat starch, while emulsifiers inhibit starch recrystallization, providing anti-aging effects.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Maintain softness

Glycotransferase “Amano” improves water retention by increasing the number of branches in wheat starch. This gives water molecules additional spaces to occupy keeping the bread soft, extending shelf life.

Strengthen dough

Glucose Oxidase ACN “Amano” L (GOACNL) has broad substrate specificity.  It reacts with maltose (DP2) to maltohexaose (DP6), strengthening the gluten network and increasing water binding, which helps tighten the dough more efficiently.  This improves yield during production and reduces the risk of cracking during baking.  GOACNL is effective in stabilizing frozen dough, increasing its shelf life and preventing over browning.

Catalog of Solutions

Maintain softness Increase volume Strengthen dough Reduce emulsifer
Lipase DF"Amano"15

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