Cooked Rice

We can prevent aging and preserves the quality of rice. In addition to aging prevention, it improves the quality of rice.


Uncooked rice is hard and difficult to digest because the starch molecules are crystallized. During the cooking process, heat and water opens up the starch molecules and water enters the spaces between the starch chains.  This gelatinization process makes the rice soft and fluffy.  This process is reversed as the rice cools down, starch molecules realign themselves and retrogradation occurs.  The aged rice is once again hard and indigestible.

While there are several methods to prevent rice retrogradation, they require additional ingredients to be listed on the packaging.  Water-retaining sugars, emulsifiers and cooking oils are commonly used.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Keeping rice soft and fluffy.

The GlycoTransferase “Amano” is a unique specialty enzyme that helps prevent the aging of rice starch. This enzyme increases the number of branches in the starch’s structure, facilitating retention of water molecules in starch. As a result, it inhibits aging and preserves the flavor and texture of rice in prepared meals.

Amano’s specialty enzymes can help your cooked rice remain fresh and delicious, resulting in minimized food waste.

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