We propose an enzymatic ester exchange technology for processing oils and fats.

Create valuable fats like CBE and OPO with Amano specialty lipases.

Create delicious, shelf stable fat with the taste and mouthfeel of real cocoa butter from plant oils. Produce 1,3-Dioleoyl-2-palmitoyl glycerol (OPO), an important fatty acid in human breast milk to supplement infant nutrition.  Lipase DF “AMANO” 15 can efficiently produce specific triglycerides by taking advantage of its 1,3-position selectivity.
 The chocolate confections found in supermarkets around the world include natural oils and modified palm oils. By using enzymes to transform the fatty acids that make up palm oil, Amano’s scientists have developed a process that produces a delicious and shelf-stable fat with the taste and mouthfeel of real cocoa butter.

OPO as an important human milk fat substitute added to infant formulas.

1,3-dioleolyl-2-palmitate (OPO) is an important component of the human milk fat. Its unique fatty acid composition and distribution play an important role in proper infant growth and development.

Catalog of Solutions

Omega-3 OPO/CBE Oil refining Dairy flavour
Lipase AY"Amano"400SD
Lipase DF"Amano"15
Lipase GS"Amano"250G
Lipase RH"Amano"


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