Amano lipase contributes to the production of efficient, highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acid-rich fats (DHA, EPA).

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Efficient omega-3 fatty acid production

ω3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, one of the essential fatty acids, can be efficiently produced by lipase treatment of fish oil. To produce high-purity ω3 fatty acids, a lipase that does not act easily on unsaturated fatty acids is required. Our Lipase AY “AMANO” 400SD can efficiently produce highly concentrated ω3 fatty acids from fish oil.

Catalog of Solutions

Omega-3 OPO/CBE Oil refining Dairy flavour
Lipase AY"Amano"400SD
Lipase DF"Amano"15
Lipase GS"Amano"250G
Lipase RH"Amano"


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