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Non-dairy milk alternatives have become a global trend, driven by increased consumer awareness of the role of protein in weight management and a healthy diet. In fact, plant-based milk alone accounts for 35% of the total plant-based food market in the U.S. (SPINS retails sales data, April 6, 2021.) However, to attract and retain this health-conscious audience, the plant-based beverages must taste great and have the delightful mouthfeel of real milk.

Enzymes play a critical role in processing and formulating many of the foods we consume every day, and they can be utilized to enhance a number of aspects of plant-based foods and beverages, from taste and texture—to anti-curdling, foaming and frothing properties. We have developed a portfolio of innovative, non-GM, non-animal enzymes that can help you produce delicious plant-based beverages.

Specialty Enzymes Improve Plant-Based Beverages

Protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500 (PG500) is a custom enzyme that makes plant-based dairy alternatives creamy and foamy without precipitating or curdling in coffee. Many consumers get their first taste of dairy alternatives at their local coffee shops, and their positive experiences encourage them to introduce the use of these alternatives at home. PG500 can help transform a variety of raw, plant-based materials – from grains to nuts – into attractive, tasty dairy alternatives so both baristas and coffee aficionados can achieve exquisite, healthier coffee drinks. These enzymes for dairy alternatives help to maximize the great taste and strong performance of products so that they are similar to cow’s milk and can be embraced whether individuals are interested primarily in healthier choices, or are practicing vegetarian or vegan diets.

Specialty Enzymes Enhance Protein Performance

The PG500 enzyme for beverages is the first food enzyme to improve the solubility of proteins at low pH levels. PG500 converts glutamine residues in protein into glutamic acid which increases solubility at levels as low as pH 4.5, greatly expanding applications for manufacturers. In addition to its use to improve dairy alternative beverages, PG500 can also be a helpful ingredient for other plant-based drinks like fruit-based protein beverages that require stability at low pH levels.

Specialty Enzymes Help Achieve Innovative Plant-Based Products

From unlocking the natural sweetness in plants and creating delectable mouthfeel to increasing protein extraction and production throughput, Amano Enzyme’s team of innovators has strong technical expertise with a variety of plant-based matrices to help you develop innovative products for this rapidly growing market. Our custom enzyme production creates specialty enzymes for plant-based products including a variety of proteases and amylases that can help overcome texture, viscosity and performance challenges. Our portfolio of enzymes is non-GM and non-animal compliant. When you discuss your needs and goals with our representatives, we will help identify the right options for your specific application.

Amano Enzyme has been developing specialty enzymes for over a century, and we are strongly focused on developing high quality enzymes for innovative, new, plant-based products. Our leadership in the custom enzyme production industry includes an exciting partnership with Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands, to increase the consumer appeal and acceptance of plant-based foods by enabling the use of fewer and more familiar ingredients.

Make Amano Enzyme’s unique expertise and innovative, superior quality enzymes become a key ingredient in your product’s success.


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