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Explore the future of plant-based foods

Join Amano at IFT and learn how our enzymes can help improve plant-based foods and more

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Come and meet the Amano team at booth 1623

Looking for a way to improve the flavor or texture of your plant protein? Are you striving to close the gap between your plant-based milk with cow’s milk? Interested in improving efficiencies? Stop by and chat with our technical team or stop by our presentation.

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Improvement of Physical Properties in High Protein Plant-Based Cheese with Enzymatic Treatment. Room S401d, Tuesday, July 16, 12:00 pm

Join Monica Henry, MS, as she reveals how our innovative enzymes can elevate your plant-based cheese, to match the high protein nutritional content of dairy cheese. While current options often face challenges in taste and texture, our specialty enzymes enhance the stretchability, meltability, and hardness of plant-based cheese. Learn how our enzyme-based solutions can craft the perfect blend of textures for your product, shaping the future of delicious, nutritionally balanced plant-based cheese.

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Discover the secret to creating exceptional plant-based milks

Plant-based dairy beverages are popular alternatives to cow’s milk, but they pose unique challenges for manufacturers. Whether you want to prevent precipitation or curdling, improve mouthfeel or reduce sugar content Amano can help. Learn how our specialty enzymes can elevate your plant-based milk formulations without added ingredients.

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Create the perfect flavor of aged cheese using Amano’s specialty enzymes designed for EMC

Our enzymes transform young cheese and develop the flavor components imparting it with the delicious tasting, classic aged-cheese aroma. We have an extensive portfolio of lipases and proteases that can produce a range of dairy flavors resulting in enhanced, authentic aromas and complex notes for your unique signature cheese flavor.

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