Amano Introduces Savory Enzyme for Plant Protein Products

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ELGIN, IL, MARCH 2, 2021—Umamizyme™ Pulse, a non-GMO enzyme designed for use in a variety of plant protein products to produce a pleasant, savory (umami) flavor, similar to that provided by monosodium glutamate (MSG), as well as a sensation of richness and complexity (kokumi) has been introduced by Amano Enzyme.

“Umamizyme Pulse is an animal-free enzyme formulation optimized to produce high glutamic acid and cysteine levels; and less bitter flavor in proteins, including pea, soy, almond and rice,” said Keita Okuda, technical services team lead. “It is comparable, or better than, traditional ingredients for producing a rich, savory flavor in proteins, providing customers with a vegan-friendly, clean label product.”

“Umamizyme Pulse also works well in an acidic environment, allowing our customers to prevent contamination with less salt,” added Okuda.

The new enzyme can be used to produce umami and kokumi in a variety of foods, including soups, broths, snacks, and meat substitutes.

Founded in 1899, Amano Enzyme is a major supplier of specialty enzymes, with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality, microbial enzymes for the Food, Dietary Supplement, Industrial, Diagnostic, and Regenerative Medicine Industries to the Americas. With multi-ton manufacturing capabilities, SQF Level 2 certification, and technical expertise Amano provides unparalleled service along with guaranteed quality products.

For further information visit us at amano-enzyme.com, call (847) 649-0101, or email: aeu.sales@amano-enzyme.com.


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