The growing popularity of plant-based protein foods and beverages is at the center of one of our most exciting developments, Protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500™ (PG500).

PG500 is the first food enzyme to improve the solubility of proteins at low pH levels and it opens up a whole new array of product options for you.

When proteins are added to low-pH systems, they precipitate, limiting flavor and formulation options. Normally proteins start to precipitate at pH levels of 4.0-5.5. Treating proteins with PG500 will increase solubility in acidic environments – in pH as low as 3.5.

How about a fruity protein shake or beverage?
PG500 not only improves mouthfeel, but also raises foaming activity and stability without impacting taste.

Need a cleaner label?
PG500 can give your product greater performance without added ingredients. It works especially well with popular plant-based proteins, which can be formulated into many new and exciting foods and beverages. Let our food scientists help you with your new protein concept.

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Learn how our Umamizyme™ Pulse can produce a rich, savory flavor in your specialty foods and soups.

Umami was discovered over a century ago and it can best be described as “savory” or having a “meaty” flavor. In fact, in Japanese the word umami means “pleasant savory taste.”

Umami is typically imparted by glutamate, a type of amino acid occurring naturally in many foods including meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. You can taste umami in foods that contain a high level of glutamate, like parmesan cheese, burgers, miso and mushrooms.

Umamizyme™ Pulse is an enzyme specially formulated to increase the level of glutamic acid and reduce bitterness in proteins. That makes it the perfect ingredient for your new savory products containing plant-based proteins like pea, soy and rice.
Umamizyme™ Pulse also enables you to create a vegetarian-friendly, clean label. It can be used in a variety of food applications, including many soups, and broths, snacks and meat substitutes.

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We have enzymes specially designed to improve the quality and production of coffee and tea, to help you take advantage of this dynamic and growing market.

CoffeeMax™ boosts the efficiency of the coffee extraction process.  It works by reducing the viscosity of coffee which accelerates filtration speed and improves extraction yield. This vastly increases the production capability for cold brew coffees, without affecting flavor.

Aromase™ H2, intensifies the aroma of your tea product, promotes clarity and overall taste.  This enzyme works by releasing the scent and antioxidants from glycosidic precursors naturally occurring in tea.

TANNASE-KTFHR produces a richer, tastier, and more functional aromatic tea by breaking down tea tannins. In addition, the enzyme will enhance your product’s clarity, and color and increase yield.

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