We Can Make the Most Out of Your Oils

Whether you’re looking to increase EPA and DHA content in fish oil or developing plant-based butter from coconut oil, Amano’s proprietary lipase enzymes are tailor-made to create delicious products. Amano’s scientists can help you turn palm oil into cocoa butter substitutes for chocolate and make vegan cookies that still have the distinctive taste of real butter.


Increase DHA and EPA

Eating plant-based polyunsaturated fats is increasingly recognized as beneficial for heart health. Amano’s scientists have developed enzymes that can produce oils high in healthy EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health.

Cocoa butter equivalents

The chocolate confections found in supermarkets around the world include natural oils and modified palm oils. By using enzymes to transform the fatty acids that make up palm oil, Amano’s scientists have developed a process that produces a delicious and shelf-stable fat with the taste and mouthfeel of real cocoa butter.

Plant-based oils with a buttery flavor

Specialty enzymes can also be added to transform neutral vegetable oils to have a rich, buttery aroma that are also easier to use when making confectioneries and frozen desserts. By overcoming butter’s short shelf life, enzyme-treated plant-based oils can be used to create a diverse range of products at a reasonable price.


Amano’s custom enzyme production capabilities are the answer you’re looking for. Contact us to learn more about our oil and fat enzyme solutions.


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