API production

Enzymatic API production can replace chemical methods.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Amano’s enzyme products for the production of APIs are used in the process of synthesizing unique active ingredients such as pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and fine chemicals.

These active ingredients must be produced with high purity. The substrate specificity of the enzyme allows the synthetic reaction to proceed by targeting only the active ingredient, thus isolating only the active ingredient of interest.

Since the enzyme reacts with the target component in an aqueous system and at low temperatures, it is expected to eliminate environmentally hazardous organic solvents, acids, and alkalis from the manufacturing process.

Amano Enzyme has enzymes for pharmaceutical production in kit form, so that customers can find out whether or not they can be used in the production process of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and fine chemicals. (We also offer a screening service, with which we can search for the most recommendable enzymes).

Detection kit

Chiral Enzyme Spectrum ”Amano”

Our detection kit contains, in small quantities, 38 varieties of enzymes, including 7 lipases, 4 esterases, 4 proteases, 6 transaminases, 2 nitrilases, 12 ketoreductases and 3 oxidases.

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Examples of Reaction

Examples of reaction mode: Hydrolysis Reaction


Examples of reactgion mode: Synthesis reaction


Examples of chiral resolution: Synthesis of (S)-Ibuprofen


Product List

Product Name Enzyme
Lipase AS“Amano” Lipase
Lipase AYS“Amano”
Lipase AK“Amano”
Lipase PS“Amano”SD
Lipase PS“Amano”IM
Acylase H“Amano” Acylase


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