Plant-based meat

Consumers want plant-based meats, but only if they mimic real meat's taste, texture and look. Amano's specialty enzymes can increase the umami and meaty flavor of plant-based meat alternatives.


Discovered over a century ago, umami is one of the five basic tastes created by the presence of the amino acid glutamate.  Umamizyme™ Pulse is specially formulated for a wide variety of plant proteins to naturally enhance savory flavor while reducing bitterness.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

Enhanced meat flavor.

Meat substitutes are often processed from legumes such as soybeans and peas. These legumes have a distinctive aroma, which is one of the challenges in developing plant-based meat alternatives.

UmamiZyme™ Pulse increases glutamate and cysteine in plant proteins. Glutamate adds the savory flavor. Cysteine provides the “meaty” flavor when browned in the Maillard reaction.  Umami and meatiness are enhanced in plant proteins without adding another ingredient to the label, unleashing two flavor boosts for a delicious experience. Umamizyme™ Pulse also increases the perception of saltiness in plant-based meat without increasing the level of added salt on the ingredient label.

Improved texture.

Plant proteins treated with other enzymes do not work well in the extrusion process. With Umamizyme Pulse, you can treat the plant protein before extrusion to increase the flavor of the protein itself.

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