Dietary supplements

We also produce and sell lactase and galactosidase.

Enzyme-based dietary supplements can improve our ability to absorb nutrients from our food. These supplements offer various health benefits for everyone, from regular consumers to athletes and those with unique health concerns.

Our skilled staff is proficient in handling different applications and formulations in the dietary supplement industry. We focus on the benefits of digestion by using enzymes that aid lactose intolerance, reduce gas with high-fiber foods, and promote overall digestion.

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Product List

Product Application
Lactase DS Lactose Intolerance
Lactase DS 100
α-Galactose DS 30 Gas prevention
Amylase DS Starch Digestion
Protease DS Protein Digestion
Protease A-DS
Acid Protease DS
Lipase DS Fat Digestion
Lipase DF-DS
Cellulase S-DS Cellulose Digestion


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