Regenerative medicine

Enzyme for cell dispersion, GMP-compliant, endotoxin-free and made in Japan.

Solutions of Amano Enzyme

We produce collagenases and proteases for efficient cell and tissue dispersion in regenerative medicine.
Features include “Aseptic Warranty,” “GMP compliant,” “animal-free,” and “tailor-made.


  1. Aseptic Warranty
    No aseptic processing required, ready to use, low endotoxin
  2. GMP compliant
    Global standard quality control
  3. Animal free
    No animal-derived ingredients
  4. Customized
    Enzyme delivery to meet your specifications

Product List

Product Enzyme Application
Collagenase “Amano” GMP (17mg) Collagenasecell and tissue dispersion
Thermolysin “Amano” GMP (15mg) Thermostable protease
AdiposAX “Amano” GMP Collagenase, Thermostable protease


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