laboratory workers performing quality assurance of specialty enzymes in a lab

Quality Assurance

Amano Enzyme Inc. has been developing and manufacturing enzymes in Japan for over 60 years. Our first products were digestive enzymes for the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Since then, we have been expanding our product sectors to food enzymes, diagnostics enzymes and industrial enzymes. Products for each sector require different quality assurance. We serve our customers under the following overall quality policy.

a female scientist putting a product under a microscope to examine

Acting from a Customer's point of View

All of our activities are considered from our customer’s perspective. Our efforts in research, development, production and distribution are all made from our customer’s viewpoint. We are very positive about giving ongoing support to our customer’s activities.

Seeking Higher Safety and Security of products

We assure you that the enzyme products supplied are safe due to established stringent production control and quality control of all materials and processes.

a lab worker in a protective white suit performing tests for quality assurance of specialty enzymes

Working with the Enzyme Community

We have been actively working with the following organizations so that we can together further develop and expand the enzyme industry:

Executing “Kaizen”

Each of our employees is aware of the importance of practicing Kaizen to improve processes and to supply high quality products.

* The word “KAIZEN” (Continuous Improvement) originated in Japan is one of the most important pointers in our quality assurance activities.

Obtaining Certification/Registration

We have been actively promoting Certification/Registration activities to maintain and enhance our Quality Assurance System. Currently we have obtained the following certificates: