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The taste and texture of many foods we consume daily are often improved by enzyme technology. Our food enzymes are used in all aspects of foods, from dairy products, seasonings, alcoholic beverages to bread products. Amano enzymes can also be used to improve the quality of tea in many ways. Such as enhancing the flavor/aroma and boosting the yield of tea extract, along with reducing bitterness for tea beverages.

With our commitment as the world’s number one “speciality” enzyme producer, Amano Enzyme will enhance the joy and satisfaction of eating and contribute greatly to the development of meal culture worldwide.

Food Applications

Maltotriose rich syrup AMT 1.2L
Isomalto-oligosaccharide syrup Transglucosidase L “Amano”
Production of cyclodextrin Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase”Amano”
Starch processing (Glucose syrup, Fructose syrup,
Maltose syrup, Dextrin, etc)
Quality improvement of biscuits, crackers, etc
Starch processing (Maltodextrin, Glucose syrup, High-maltose syrup, High fructose syrup and Oligosaccharides), Brewing alcohol production KLEISTASE T10S
Starch Processing (Maltodextrin, Glucose syrup, High-maltose syrup, and Oligosaccharides), Brewing alcohol production KLEISTASE PLF3
Production of maltose syrup β-Amylase F “Amano”

Modification of protein physical properties
Protein hydrolyzate for seasonings
Flavor enhancement
Debittering of protein hydrolyzates
Production of functional peptides
Reduction of milk protein allergenicity
Newlase F
Protease A “Amano”2
Protease M “Amano”
Protease P “Amano”6
Peptidase R

Production of dairy flavor
Enzyme modified cheese
Oils and fats refining
Omega-3 Fatty acids concentration
Lipase A “Amano” 12
Lipase AY “Amano” 30SD
Lipase G “Amano” 50
Lipase R “Amano”
Lipase MH “Amano” 10SD
Lipase DF “Amano” 15
Lipase MER “Amano”
Newlase F

Yeast extract Production 5′ – Nucleotide rich Enzyme RP-1G
AMP→IMP conversion Deamizyme 50000G
Yeast lysis YL-T “Amano”L

Removal of oxygen and glucose Hyderase
Color enhancement of food, Hair dye Laccase M120
Sugar refining Dextranase L “Amano”
Enhancement of tea, juice flavor Aromase
Coffee extraction, Pulp bleaching Mannanase BGM “Amano”10
Lactose hydrolysis Lactase F “Amano”
Increase L-glutamic acid GLUTAMINASE SD-C100S
a grouping of photos of food enhanced by enzymes including dumplings, bread and chips


Supplemental enzymes can make it easier for us to obtain the nutrients we’re eating food. There are many ways in which enzymes can improve consumer health—from average consumers, to serious athletes, to consumers with unique health issues.

Our skilled staff can handle a variety of applications and formulations in the dietary and supplement industy with a focus on the benefits in digestion. In this regard, our formulations are geared to both an athlete seeking to maximize nutrient intake from their food, to simply someone trying to lose weight.

Dietary Applications

Starch Digestion Amylase DS
Diastase DS

Protein Digestion Protease A-DS
Protease DS

Lipid Digestion Lipase DS
Lipase DF-DS

Cellulose Digestion Cellulase DS
Gas Prevention alpha-Galactosidase DS30
Lactose Intolerance Lactase DS100
Suppression of Blood Glucose Level TG “Amano” DS


Our Medical Enzyme Division is continuously working on the development and marketing of enzymes for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biocatalysis applications. Amano Enzyme launched the enzyme business with malt diastase for pharmaceutical application. A wide range of our products serve as biocatalysts and are widely used in Japan for digestive aid products, anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations, and diagnostic kits.

Many of our digestive enzymes are core products of our line which are accepted by leading pharmaceutical companies in the world as principle active ingredients for gastrointestinal products.

BioMedical Applications

Diagnostics Use
Glucose Sensor Glucose Dehydrogenase “Amano” 8 [GDH-8]
Glucose Dehydrogenase “Amano” 2A [GDH-2A]
Glucose Dehydrogenase “Amano” NA [GDH-NA]
Glucose Oxidase “Amano”AM [GO-AM]
Glucose Oxidase “Amano” NA [GO-NA]
Glucose Oxidase “Amano”M [GO-M]
Glucose Oxidase “Amano”2 [GO-2]

Cholesterol Determination Cholesterol Dehydrogenase “Amano” 6 [CHDH-6]
Cholesterol Oxidase “Amano”6E [CHO-6E]
Cholesterol Oxidase “Amano” 7 [CHO-7]
Cholesterol Esterase “Amano”2A [CHE-2A]
EST “Amano” 2 [EST-2]

Ketone Determination D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase “Amano” 5 [HBDH-5]

Triglyceride Determination Lipoprotein Lipase “Amano”3 [LPL-3]
Glycerol Kinase “Amano”2 [GK-2]
L-alpha-Glycerophosphate Oxidase “Amano”3 [GPO-3]

Transaminase Determination Lactate Dehydrogenase “Amano” 3 [LDH-3]
Malate Dehydrogenase “Amano”3 [MDH-3]

Bilirubin Determination Bilirubin Oxidase “Amano”3 [BO-3]
Uric acid Determination Uricase “Amano”3 [UR-3]
Ascorbic Acid Elimination / Determination Ascorbate Oxidase “Amano”3 [ASO-3]
H2O2 Determination Peroxidase “Amano”3 [PO-3]
Glutamine Determination Glutaminase “Amano” 1 [GT-1]


Research Use
Reagent Collagenase “Amano” 1 [CL-1]
Hyaluronidase “Amano” 1 [HY-1]
Protease “Amano” K [PR-K]


Enzymes are used in the food, agricultural, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for chiral synthesis to control and speed up reactions in order to quickly and accurately obtain a valuable final product. Enzymes are also increasingly being used in the production of biofuels and biopolymers. The enzymes can be harvested from microbial sources or can be made synthetically. At Amano, we are continually upgrading and striving to expand this category to the benefit of our customer base worldwide.

Industrial Applications

Chiral Resolution / Synthesis Lipase PS “Amano” SD
Lipase PS “Amano” IM
Lipase AK “Amano”
Lipase AH “Amano” SD
Lipase AYS “Amano”
Lipase AS “Amano”
Acylase H “Amano”
D-aminoacylase “Amano”
a grouping of photos of cleaning supplies, liquids in a tray, and a substance being poured onto a spoon


We are especially attentive and a go-to source for any custom and specialty enzyme application needed. Amano Enzyme prides itself to be the world’s #1 speciality enzyme producer. So when you need a new concept, a new flavor, have a formulation issue and more, chances are we can service your needs in a timely and effective manner.

a collage of three photos one being an overflowing thick yellow liquid, vials of blood on a chart, and a syringe filled with black liquid being used on a small green plant.