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Amano Celebrates 40th Anniversary of U.S. Subsidiary

ELGIN, IL, June 11, 2021—Amano Enzyme, Inc., Nagoya, Japan, a major developer of speciality enzymes for the food industry, announced that its U.S. subsidiary, located here, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. “Originally, we operated as a distributor for Japanese products, but today we also offer blending and packing service to our U.S. customers. We look See more


Amano Introduces Savory Enzyme for Plant Protein Products

ELGIN, IL, MARCH 2, 2021—Umamizyme™ Pulse, a non-GMO enzyme designed for use in a variety of plant protein products to produce a pleasant, savory (umami) flavor, similar to that provided by monosodium glutamate (MSG), as well as a sensation of richness and complexity (kokumi) has been introduced by Amano Enzyme. “Umamizyme Pulse is an animal-free See more


Notice of Subsidiary Closure

Amano Enzyme Mexico, S.A. de. C.V., has discontinued production in October 2020 and began the liquidation process on January 1, 2021.   Company Name: Amano Enzyme Mexico, S.A. de. C.V. Location: Irapuato, GTO, Mexico Business: Manufacturing of animal derived active pharmaceutical ingredients and food ingredients   For further information, please contact: Amano Enzyme, Inc. Management See more


Measures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amano Enzyme USA ensures compliance with the policy and procedures of Amano Enzyme Inc. To our Valued Customers and Partners, Amano Enzyme would like to share details on how we are responding to the current environment due to the novel Corona virus disease, COVID-19. We are ensuring business continuity to the best of our efforts See more


Amano Enzyme Opens Thai Office

ELGIN, IL, JAN. 15, 2019—Amano Enzyme will begin the New Year with the opening of an office in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, the Kingdom of Thailand, effective February 1, 2019, according to Ken Iritani, vice president, technical services, Amano Enzyme USA. Located in the Pathum Thani province, just north of Bangkok, the office will provide See more


Digestive Enzymes May Help Improve Nutrition for the Elderly

One in every four people in Japan is over the age of 65. In order to continue living an active lifestyle, it’s important for the elderly to take in plenty of nutrition from daily meals. However, as people get older, the functionality of their stomach and intestines tend to decrease. Self-medication is recommended for these symptoms, such as oral See more


Vegans and the vegan market

Recently, more and more people are choosing and practicing diets from a variety of options that suit their lifestyles and beliefs. Vegetarians are one such choice. There are many types when you look inside the vegetarians: lacto-vegetarian eat dairy products; ovo-vegetarian eat eggs, a lacto-ovo vegetarian eat both dairies and eggs. Vegans, those who avoid See more


Introduction to the Amano-style aerated koji-making process

At Amano Enzyme we are continuously developing enzyme products of various origins, including microorganisms. We previously developed a koji-making process, a method for culturing microorganisms, as a key process in solid-state fermentation. Here, we provide an overview of some of the major events in our history of the development of the koji-making process. At around 1955, Japan was entering See more


Enzyme Products from Amano Enzyme Support Regenerative Medicine

Since the advent of iPS cells, there have been high expectations regarding their potential application in the field of regenerative medicine. Some time has elapsed since the enforcement of the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine and the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act on November 25, 2014, and movements toward industrialization of regenerative medicine are growing more See more

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